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Who is the Wocky? and a DISCLAIMER

Hi, there.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a journalist and I do not profess to be one. This blog is about my perception and opinion on all matters and should not ever be taken as the defacto truth. I offer an opinion and feelings about things based on things I have seen/heard or the way I’ve experienced a certain situation in life or on the internet. I share interesting thoughts, commentary on things I have seen and heard. I try to fact-check as much as I can, but I’m human and can be led astray. If an article here perks your interest, then from there, like me, you need to do your own research and determine the truth. Please pop me a mail if I’m factually incorrect. My purpose is merely to entertain and give you my personal opinion. This is not to say I fabricate stories just for the sake of click-bait. This is not a #fakenews website. My intentions are sincere and not to mislead. Opinions and articles are always based on something I have seen/heard and just offer my opinion.

I suffer from insomnia and dyslexia – I tend to sometimes leave out thoughts, sentences and sometimes screw up when trying to get the correct meaning across depending on how tired I am when I wrote it. If something makes you made, generally I’ve screwed up somehow – I’ll catch it on my 10th or so edit of the post – maybe the 20th – depending on when I edit it. I’m editor and author. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at sentence and missed a grammatical error. I also tend to sometimes make words phonetically – for example, I may say “floor” instead of “flaw”. At least I’m not like my brother who used to write things that could only be read in a mirror. Took him years to fix that. I can, however, recite the alphabet forwards and backwards with relative ease.

So, just a guy on the internet. I am a 40 something year old South African who runs a successful IT business here in South Africa.

#Wocky is a gamertag I use. In real life, my name is Craven. I have been programming, gaming, working on PC’s since I can remember – from my first Atari, then ZX-81 in the 1980’s and then after I took over my brother’s ZX Spectrum 48k – yes. It’s been a while.
As I’ve gotten older, some skills have grown, some have faded.

I youtube for fun. I spend a lot more on this hobby at the moment than I make in YouTube advertisment revenue.
I enjoy blogging. I enjoy making videos. Enjoy RPG, strategy games.

So, I hope you stay awhile and listen, watch and subscribe / follow.

~ Craven