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Posts Tagged ‘ The Verge: How NOT to Build a Computer ’

how not to build a PC the verge – #theVerge #VergeFAIL – blaming “harassment” for valid critique of incompetence?

A bit late to this. So, this recently popped up in my YouTube feed. I was looking at some YouTube video doing water-cooling or something relating to the Verge. I somehow missed this YouTube tech drama, chaos and carnage. I included it in my SNIP I.T. Episode #003, but the YouTube tech reviewers below do a much better job unpacking this debacle.

Stefan Etienne of the Verge @verge “tries” to build a PC and fails – Editor-in-Chief Nilay Patel blames valid critique from the tech community as “targeted harassment” and “racism” ???

HOW NOT to build a PC – #theVerge #VergeFAIL

Nilay Patel’s idiotic response: CLICK HERE (pictures at end of post in case it gets deleted)

Many bad actors give the IT industry a really bad name. I don’t often criticize other videos, or YouTubers on this site, but this PC build video is so bad, it’s actually possibly harmful to viewers PC components and even possibly dangerous (possible fire hazard) and the response from The Verge editor Nilay Patel so cringe-worthy, as well as the lead video director,  Phil Esposito, it just has to be posted here so that others realize that even a YouTube channel with over 2.1 Million Subscribers who profess to be a “tech” channel sometimes need to vet their employees a lot better. Don’t know how Stefan Etienne got his job, but pretty sure he probably has never built a gaming computer in his life before. He certainly could learn some humility.

Surely there were more qualified people who would have made the cut? You know, people who actually were hired on merit? I find it hard to believe this guy knows his a$$ from his elbow How exactly did he get the job? Was it nepotism? a friend of one of the editors? One thing the tech community is pretty darn sure of – it’s most certainly not his skill at building PC’s.

The response from the guy who was in the video – to paraphrase: “Tech YouTubers are Nerds” and “It worked, so what’s the big deal?”

First, the verge disabled the comments, then they deleted the video, then downplayed the video quality and accuracy citing “minor” problems with the build and ultimately blamed a “targeted” harassment campaign.

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The internet response was swift and brutal. Two of my favourites below.

One from Alexei Rivera @theTechnoclast The Technoclast on YouTube and the other from Greg Salazar @ScienceStudioYT from Science Studio on YouTube

Also, below these two is a video showing Stefan Etienne’s blatant arrogance captured from Twitch. No remorse. No regret. No attempt at humility. No apology.

It’s bad – really bad.

Look at the arrogance in the video below displayed by Stefan Etienne  after he went and ranted on a twitch stream after the video, @StefanEtienne – note he’s a self-professed “tech journalist” as per his publicly available Twitter profile (don’t believe everything you see on the internet), the guy who built the PC insulting his critics, not admitting he was dead wrong, just being a an unrepentant douche-bag.

His boss, Nilay Patel went full retard, Huffington Post, Vox-style and blamed “racism”

The Lead Video Director, Phil Esposito tried to defend / criticize with this dumb comment.

So, is he trying to imply that they just make tech entertainment that is not necessarily needing to be accurate, can be harmful? Is journalism now licensed to be #fakenews ?

(Have downloaded this video below for safe-keeping as well)


Some basic points off the top of my head and others noted:

  • Mounting the power supply back to front.
  • He didn’t even know that cable-ties are not “tweezers”
  • He tried to use a friggin’ swiss army knife instead of a US$1 magnetic screwdriver.
  • I don’t know what he attached to his wrist, but it was definitely not an anti-static wrist band (see below)
  • Said the anti-static band “protection” for you and the PC
  • He called the I/O back-plate a “brace” and said to “hammer it in”
  • Called a power supply a “brick”
  • Said the rubber mountings that fitted between the case and power supply were for “insulation”, said that the power supply touching the case could cause a short – it’s for noise/vibration dampening.

@BrightSilence has a more comprehensive list below. Many other tech YouTubers offered critique as well as to help.


PS. I am not a journalist. I am, however, an ICT consultant owning a business for over 20 years. In my personal experience, a junior techie of mine would have had more common sense than this employee showed. I just really, really annoyed at a large company spewing BS on the internet giving really, really bad advice that could damage their viewers equipment. Dismissing valid criticism and not reprimanding said employee(s) for gross negligence and incompetence displayed in the creation of the video is simply untenable from a supposed “tech” YouTube company/channel.


The Verge’s Gaming PC Build Video | Know Your Meme

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How NOT To Build A PC, Courtesy Of The Verge – RedFlagDeals.com Forums

how not to build a pc the verge – LINKS CLICK HERE
how not to build a pc the verge videos – LINKS CLICK HERE

How to build a custom PC for gaming, editing or coding – The Verge
This is amusing – they updated the article (below), but still left several technical errors, left some hyperbole and faults in procedure. Pretty obvious Stefan (or whoever wrote this) still doesn’t know the basics. At least they ditched the Swiss army knife.


there are still a few other technically incorrect things as well. I’m looking forward to their “new” video.


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