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Items for Sale / Craven Coetzee (Temporary Advert)

I still have some odds and ends for sale.

Why selling? Why so cheap? EMIGRATION SALE: Items are part of a liquidation of all assets in South Africa as we are emigrating. All items are or have been “in use”, in working condition unless otherwise indicated.
TERMS & CONDITIONS: No trades. No swaps. Offers accepted from PORT ELIZABETH only. Items are second-hand and sold “voetstoets” or “as-is” with no warranty given – neither written, expressed nor implied. No swap-outs, replacements, requests for refunds or credits will be accepted. No lay-byes. First come with cash, first to get it.

I will be having a pawn-shop buyer collect everything if I don’t sell before end of business 3rd January 2019

Pop me a WhatsApp to 0827877877 to schedule time to collect – Tell me WHAT you are interested in.

I will be at this address from 2pm to 5pm SUNDAY, 22 December – 23 Brahms Place, Pari Park, Port Elizabeth.


Also, Please pop me a WhatsApp before you leave so that I can advise if something has already been sold.

R 200 – Gift Boxes (3 sets – 6 boxes in each set) – price is for ALL three sets.
Colours: Light Purple, Gold, Red.

R 120 – LED Lights with aluminium back
includes cables and connectors – used them for video lighting

R 250 – Various cutlery & kitchen utensils – as per 2 x pix below

R80 – Glass Cutting board PLUS 2 x plastic cutting boards as per pic below

R450 – USB 3 Docking Station / Port Replicator
Still has original plastic protection – was used briefly as a demo unit. Run 2 x monitors off the device – 1 x HDMI port 1 x DVI port – 2 x SuperSpeed USB3 ports, 4 x USB2 ports (back), 1 x Ethernet Port, Plug and go – just connect 1 x USB cable into your (blue) USB3 port on notebook

R 180 – Digital Kitchen Scale – Sohnle (up to 5Kg)

R 200 – Various Flower Pots, Vases, bowls – as per photo

R 200 –Various Glasses, Mugs (as per photo)

R750 – 1.8m Office Desk 1800L x 77W x 74H – in excellent condition.
Has 1/2 length backing in front, so can be used flush against wall or as a desk in open-plan office. Thick, sturdy top – not the usual thin chipboard top.

R850 – Cherry Wood Colour 1.6m Office Desk with 2 x drawers – 1600L x 78W x 74H – in excellent condition.
Has 1/2 length backing in front, so can be used flush against wall or as a desk in open-plan office. Thick, sturdy top – not the usual thin chipboard top.

High Speed 5m HDMI cable (does 4k@60Hz) AmazonBasics gold-plated for TV, PC monitor/screen.

R150 – Soft roll-up Pilates/Yoga/exercise mat

R150 – Trail Sleeping Bag (Cowl Shape) 85cm top tapers 210cm Length to 55cm base (includes protective bag)

R250 – Pineware Smokeless Electric Health Grill

R120 – Digital Tempered Glass Bathroom Scale

R 750 – 10 port USB Charging Station – UniTek Y-2172
96 Watt, 10 x High Power 2.4A USB ports for charging any USB devices such as iPad, iPhone, Tablets, etc at the same time. EXCLUDES cables. EXCLUDES devices shown in photo.

R500 – Moonboot – Aircast FP (Foam Pneumatic) Walker Brace / Walking Boot Large – includes mini pump. In really good condition – was used for 8 weeks.

R1000 – BOOKS – over 150 books – see list of some of them below – for full collection, photos of front of books: CLICK HERE

Over 150 books – an eclectic collection – only some of these are
listed below – most books in good to excellent condition.
Zecharia Sitchin – several books:
“The 12th Planet, The Stairway to Heaven, When Time began, The Cosmic Code, The Lost Realms, Divine Encounters, Earth Chronicles Expeditions, The lost book of Enki, Journeys to the Mythical Past, Genesis Revisited”
Erik von Daniken – several books:
“Chariots of the Gods, The Eyes of the Sphinx, The Gold of the Gods, Arrival of the Gods”
The Guinness Encyclopedia of Science
God is not Great – Christopher Hitchens
Magick of the Gods and Goddesses
A cat of your own
Journey of Souls
Essence of the Tarot (plus The Rider Tarot deck)
Practical Palmistry
The Secret of the Spear
Holy Bible x 2 versions, Koran, Mormon Bible
The Bible fraud
The Silmarillion (Tolkien)
Douglas Adams (all five novels) – the ultimate hitchhiker’s guide
Islam – Faith, Culture, History
The astrology yearbook
Deepak Chopra – Kama Sutra
The Reflexology handbook
The Knack (set of 24 DIY encyclopedia)
Bulfinch’s Mythology – the complete texts
8,789 words of wisdom
The Joy of Ex
A thousand paths to success
Power Quotes
The purpose of life
Penguin History of the World
Penguin dictionary of Ancient History
Penguin dictionary of Geography
Penguin dictionary of Humorous Quotations
Penguin dictionary of Classical Mythology
Penguin dictionary of Art and Artists
Linda Goodman’s star signs & love signs
The dead sea scrolls deceptions
The bible code 2
Sexual Astrology
Dean Koontz – the Face
1000 Great Lives
Conversations with God
Many Lives, Many Masters
An Angel Treasury
Slave Species of God
Aesop, the Complete Fables
Travel Guide to South Africa
Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
The Catcher in the Rye
Spam ‘n Eggs
The Prophecies of Nostradamus
A Handbook on Witches
The Art of War – SunTzu
The Incredibly Strange Film Book
World of Strange Phenomena Omnibus
The complete Dead Sea scrolls in English
Jesus and the Goddess
Islam – What went wrong?
Amazing Secrets of the Psychic World
The Wisdom of Jesus
The Wisdom of the Kabbalah
the Comedy Thesaurus
Everything is under control (Conspiracies, Cults, Cover-ups)
Dean Koontz – Odd Thomas
1001 Funniest Things ever said
The SF Collection (Sci Fi short stories)
African Proverbs and Wisdom
The Legendary Past – World of Myths
Dictionary of Symbols, Myths, Legends
The Astrologers Handbook
Love Letters in the Sand – Khalil Gibran
Richard Dawkins – “the Selfish Gene”, “the Greatest Show on Earth”,”the God Delusion”
The Hiram Key
A Test of Time
Genesis of the Grail Kings
Fallen Angels – origins of evil
Hinduism – K.M.Sen
Kalki (novel)
The book of Weird Sex
Egyptian Religion
The World’s worst Atrocities
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
The Field
Rude and Politically Incorrect Jokes
The dictionary of Insults
5000 one-and two-line jokes
Sexual Chemistry (Short Stories)
The Seven Habits of Highly effective People.The God of small things
The Secret
Jokes, Quotes and One-liners
Garfield – 4 x cartoon books
The Darwin Awards (dark comedy – books 2 & 3)
Richard Bach (6 books) – including Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
The unXplained