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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you bald?

Why this wockster.com website?
It’s my therapeutic release. Strange interesting videos from other YouTube creators. YouTube does not allow the sort of order and presentation that a dedicated site can. It also doesn’t allow me to write and blog under a specific video.

Where are you from?
My mom. Seriously, born and living in South Africa. I am currently in Port Elizabeth. I grew up in an even smaller town called East London in South Africa, a bit north of Port Elizabeth.

Is this YouTube and Blogging thing a business?
No. It’s a hobby that currently pays me about US$50 per month and costs me a lot more than that. It’s something I enjoy doing. I do it for fun. My main business is an IT Consulting firm that I own and manage in Port Elizabeth, South Africa called Kondura Technologies. I have attempted many different things over the years and would “like” this to become a full time thing, but I’m not naive enough to think it will ever be my main form of income. It would be nice, but not likely.

What are your long term plans?
To keep doing this for fun with dreams of it someday becoming full-time. (NOT)

What PC specifications do you have?
Click this link here for those details: MY PC STUFF

What internet do you have?
I have the best internet possible to a consumer in South Africa. It’s a 100mb capped 400Gb data Business Pro fibre line that gives me about a 20mbit uploadĀ to Europe. Unfortunately, I only get 2Mbits to 3Mbits to TWITCH, so I stream on YouTube most of the time. I am planning on trying to stream more on Twitch, but it will be at 1280 x 720P at 2Mb – I have been told that this quality is “ok”, however.