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rabbit hole

Weird stuff, funny stuff, random memes, thngs that are so popular that they’re almost cult-like, interesting things from the internet – pop it in the FUNNY STUFF on the forums and if it’s good, I’ll post it here and credit you for the find!
Funny, Weird, Interesting stuff here: https://wockster.com/forums/forum/general/funny-stuff/

Cows with Guns [FUNNY SONGS]

Into the rabbit hole it goes – a classic – a song by Dana Lyons uploaded to YouTube in 2006. If you haven’t heard it, prepare to have it stuck in your head. “We will fight for bovine freedom!” Enjoy! Please follow and like us:20
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guy makes FULL AUTO crossbow [AWESOME]

This is simply too awesome NOT to go into my rabbit-hole section. This is what happens when JoergSprave makes his dreams come true! Now, to make it bigger, stronger, faster! Please follow and like us:20
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this deal’s getting worse all the time [FUNNY]

Darth Vader renegotiates with Lando. Lando is not entirely happy, however. He soon sees it Vader’s way with a progressively worse deal being presented every time. Please follow and like us:20
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Hi, I’m Poppy – freaky, bizarrely interesting [STRANGE]

Poppy is a very beautiful girl, but creeps the living bejebus out of most people with her, let’s just say, a very, very different channel. See for yourself with this sample. Please follow and like us:20
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