Belated 2018 update. Business sold, more to come!

Hello, everyone.

So, lots of things been happening in life – some good, some really bad. My business KONDURA TECHNOLOGIES CC has been sold as of Monday, 15th January 2018! It’s a business I’ve owned for over 20 years. I initially started trading in 1997, but registered as a “Closed Corporation” in October 1998. At least my staff will keep their jobs and hopefully my clients won’t be silly and not keep using the company when I’m gone.

I’ve dedicated most of my life to it and had some staff working for me for more than 15 years. It was run like a well-oiled, fine-tuned machine. It’s been a bitter-sweet time for me. The prospect of new challenges (although it may argued they’re going to be more “struggles” initially than challenges). Here I am, 45 years old and I was debt-free, essentially able to retire if I wanted and occasionally manage my business. Now, I’m giving it all up to start all over again. I do confess that I am thoroughly enjoying the time to study and learn new things, new tech.

As some of you know, in May 2015, after a home invasion, and a reflection, a realization on just how bad things actually are here in South Africa, I decided to make some #IRL changes.

On the 15th of February 2018, I’ll be able to make all these details available and I think my VLOGGING is going to become a lot more interesting. This is not a business initiative, however, something I do in my spare time (as I edit this at 23:30 on 4th Feb 2018)

You can definitely expect a video somewhere between the 15th and 17th or so. It will either be on or – haven’t decided yet.

I’ve also bought a web site / registered a new project called and will be asking your feedback as a clearer picture of what I want it to be develops in my head. It was originally going to be called “ListenWatchLearn”, but this is the way things work. You’re lying awake at 3am and decide – “Acqui” for Acquire, “Gnosis” for knowledge. Then I get critiqued by my girlfriend for it being too complex. She does, however, have a point. I do like to think that the majority of people on the internet have a higher than average IQ. Ah, well. This is a hobby at this point. I am still refining the idea. I will be discussing more about this in the coming months – may be several months, however.

I’ve decided to focus on things in business that I’m good at already and build on these skills, rather than try entirely brand new ideas. Even with this philosophy, there are a lot of new opportunities based on old ideas and when it’s repackaged, you will be hard-pressed not to say: “Hey, that’s new!”

As for, this is my hobby, my record, my diary. Something for my mom to read, I guess. Something for me to reflect back on.

BLOGGING and VLOGGING for me was never meant to be a business. I had extremely limited success doing a few gaming videos and and exceptionally niche 100 or so regulars still remain important to me. Some people seem to enjoy this site as well, however. I would almost thing more than who watch my videos. I see at least 30~50 unique people visit here each day, so I’ll keep doing it. I am most certainly not a “Pro” Blogger. Don’t know if I’d even want to be. I just want to write down experiences as they happen. If you find them interesting, great! Happy to entertain. If not, well… there’s always Casey Neistat or someone else. A great cinematographer, I am not. I also tend to write first, mass-edit later after I proof-read. Ironically, I only do this when blogging, not in business letters. Refresh this page in the first hour after posting and usually, it will be changed.

I can say that the site should, however, become more active after the 15th Feb 2018. I will have a lot more freedom to express myself.

For people who found their way to this page from “the Wocky” YouTube channel, I have noticed I’ve had less time to play games. Been studying a lot. Dealing with a bit of depression, sadness, but overall remaining optimistic. I’m fortunate that I snap out of lows pretty easy. Trying to get fitter and going away this next weekend to Gariep Dam to do a bit of hiking and de-stress. Amusingly enough, I will be hiking… in the great wild open… packing my .38 special to avoid getting attacked, but not by any animal that walks on all fours – although where we’re going, it’s unlikely, but hey, you never know. So many “safe” places here in SA have just turned to sh*t due to crime, random violence.

Three separate incidents of people I know living in an “upper class” suburb in Port Elizabeth had home invasions / robberies over December. They were 3 of 15 incidents in that small area. Eight sexual assaults, one couple murdered. It wasn’t even an entire suburb – just a very, very small part of it. Crime is just becoming insane here.

So, yeah – trying to remain positive, avoid lashing out at a certain demographic of people in this country who keep screaming for myself & my girlfriend to “go back to Europe”. Great country, this. /sarcasm

Enough of this. Positive thoughts!“Wu-saaaah” 

I loathe travelling any longer than usual distance by motor vehicle in South Africa. This is like a FIVE (5) hour trip, so no doubt, my girlfriend and I are going to have a heck of “fun” time getting there and back. I like places within 150~200km (100 miles or so), but not further – and preferably on decent tar roads.

I am now officially unemployed for the first time in – forever – to say life hasn’t been stressful would be an understatement. My entire world has been turned upside down. May just end up playing a bit of Hearthstone or something and chatting. It’s quite relaxing sometimes to do this. I just didn’t want to be negative as my emotions have been a bit all over the place as well.

I still need to wrap up some taxes! /sigh I hate paperwork.

Happy 2018, everyone – Can I still say that in February? Hope it’s been a good one so far.

~ Craven #IRL #Business aka Wocky #GAMING

ps. This has not been the best year in my life so far though. The Saturday after I sold my business, my cat, my companion, was killed by a dog – earlier in the month. He hung on for a few days, but eventually gave up his last of his 9 lives.

R.I.P. Vitikus