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Craven Coetzee ITC Manager & Consultant (the IT guy), Entrepreneur, Blogger

Web Site: https://www.wockster.com

SNIP I.T. EP#001 / Office 2019 news, Evernote, #DeleteFacebook, BITcoin crashes | 6 SEP 2018

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What the Devil is the Cloud: Kitty Flanagan | satire | comedy

Generally, the cloud is okay – it’s the keys to the cloud that are the problem – people don’t take enough care of them. However, I prefer to use Microsoft, rather than Google for my cloud services. Google’s track record as a Marketing company doesn’t bode well for my personal information. Microsoft is (in...
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No, FaceBook does not have a new algorithm. No, you can’t fool it. It’s another hoax.

So, you’ve seen this or a variant thereof on a friend’s timeline: “The new algorithm controlling Facebook’s news feed now shows only posts from the same few people, about 25. Their system chooses the people to read your posts, but I would like to choose for myself. Therefore, I ask you a favor: please, right...
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Blood Moon | Port Elizabeth, South Africa | 27 July 2018

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