Elder Scrolls Online: Buy Gold 1C:190g or buy DLC 200g:1C via Tamriel Crown Exchange Brokerage NA Server

Don’t want to be scammed? These guys run a brokerage for Crown / DLC / Gold – works really well.

NOTE: NOT gold for IRL cash. It’s in-game gold for in-game Crowns. Stays in the #ElderScrollsOnline system.

I’ve used them like 4 times already.Log onto the discord server and you will see that it’s all run very well.

Safe and secure – no funny websites – it’s an IN-GAME guild on Discord. Don’t try scam them – it will end poorly for you.


#1 All transactions “in-game” – this is not gold/crown buying. NO REAL MONEY USED. This is not a CROWN to real US$ exchange nor a gold to US$ exchange – it’s purely an in-game brokerage. Nothing leaves the Zenimax / ESO payment system. It’s a GIFT to GOLD and GOLD to GIFT in-game trade brokerage done by a guild.

#2 Zenimax don’t lose out on any #IRL purchases – in fact, it attracts more. It’s a gold sink / encourages more crown store purchases.

#3 It’s legit – Nothing in the TOS against it. I wouldn’t do a YouTube video if it were not – items are specifically gift-able in-game to other players. In addition, people ask to do this in guild/zone all the time. This cuts out scammers.

#4 I am just a member of this guild – not affiliated as a broker, etc. I would never intentionally do anything to harm ESO / Zenimax – it’s my favourite MMORPG.


BUYERS: You trade 200 in-game gold to 1 in-game Crown for DLC’s, other gifts from the Crown Store. 200G:1C

SELLERS: You Trade of one Crown for 190 in-game Gold. (5% brokerage fee) 190C:1G

SCAMMERS: you will be reported to Zenimax and banned – the guild’s discord server records each and every scammer, what happened to them – victims were always re-compensated for scams and scammers were banned. Broker keeps logs and records entire transaction.

*UPDATED DISCORD LINKS BELOW. Apologies for the occasional mic popping! Sold a lot of my audio gear prior to emigration!
NA DISCORD: https://discord.gg/FkKSjEY (TCE NA)
EU DISCORD: https://discord.gg/CQszMvg (TCE EU)
pls tell them theWocky sent you.

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