SNIPPETS: A day visit to ADDO ELEPHANT PARK, South Africa 24 SEP 2017

So, this Saturday 24 September 2017, a very noobish cameraman took Panasonic DMC-FZ2500-GA camera to record his first 4k video (downsampled to 1080p) – learnt a lot and next videos will be better (hopefully) – We were very, very lucky and captured a wide variety of wildlife.

Editing took almost a day as I had to manually image stabilize via Adobe and this takes AGES! Will be more prepared next time and do some voice narration to go with it.

NOTE: Mixture of quality in footage – was a hot day and a lot of heat distortion/vapour and zoom issues. As it was my very first wildlife video, I’ve learnt some things.

00:01 Monkey
00:13 Mouse Bird(s)
01:55 Kudu (Antelope)
03:02 Warthog
03:25 Elephant
04:20 Eland (Antelope)
04:31 Ostrich (grey egret flies past – I think that’s what it is)
04:48 Grey Egret / Crane
05:26 South African inconsiderate #!#!@#!$ – Sound muted for a reason – sees guy with camera, parks in front of them.
06:06 Buffalo
07:32 Three elephants and a baby (cute)
10:31 Buffalo
11:07 Two warthogs
11:27 Dung Beetle
11:44 Elephants
12:31 Tortoise
12:49 Elephant and Kudu
13:14 Kippertjie (bird – I think that’s it’s name)
13:33 Kudu
13:53 Warthog / bush pig
14:22 Elephants walking away from a mud bath
14:38 Fiscal Shrike (aka “Butcher Bird” – impales other birds on thorn tree or barbed wire spikes)
15:39 Watering Hole with Kudu in background
16:16 Fiscal Shrike
16:39 Massive web with spiders crawling over it.
* That’s all folks! More to follow on future trips.

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