SNIPPETS: A day visit to ADDO ELEPHANT PARK, South Africa 24 SEP 2017

So, this Saturday 24 September 2017, a very noobish cameraman took Panasonic DMC-FZ2500-GA camera to record his first 4k video (downsampled to 1080p) – learnt a lot and next videos will be better (hopefully) – We were very, very lucky and captured a wide variety of wildlife.

Editing took almost a day as I had to manually image stabilize via Adobe and this takes AGES! Will be more prepared next time and do some voice narration to go with it.

NOTE: Mixture of quality in footage – was a hot day and a lot of heat distortion/vapour and zoom issues. As it was my very first wildlife video, I’ve learnt some things.

00:01 Monkey
00:13 Mouse Bird(s)
01:55 Kudu (Antelope)
03:02 Warthog
03:25 Elephant
04:20 Eland (Antelope)
04:31 Ostrich (grey egret flies past – I think that’s what it is)
04:48 Grey Egret / Crane
05:26 South African inconsiderate #!#!@#!$ – Sound muted for a reason – sees guy with camera, parks in front of them.
06:06 Buffalo
07:32 Three elephants and a baby (cute)
10:31 Buffalo
11:07 Two warthogs
11:27 Dung Beetle
11:44 Elephants
12:31 Tortoise
12:49 Elephant and Kudu
13:14 Kippertjie (bird – I think that’s it’s name)
13:33 Kudu
13:53 Warthog / bush pig
14:22 Elephants walking away from a mud bath
14:38 Fiscal Shrike (aka “Butcher Bird” – impales other birds on thorn tree or barbed wire spikes)
15:39 Watering Hole with Kudu in background
16:16 Fiscal Shrike
16:39 Massive web with spiders crawling over it.
* That’s all folks! More to follow on future trips.

Opening e-mails the IT guy tells you not too! What happens?

Craven chats about and shows you what those dangerous actually mails do when you open them, what those scammers want from you. Opens a bunch of e-mails from scammers, identity theft cyber-criminals and phishers – The United Nations, IMF, Western Union all offer me money. DO NOT open these e-mails either at home or at work. DO NOT open any URL links or e-mail any of these e-mail addresses. This was done in a contained, secure environment.
Also, note the numerous disclaimers mentioned in the video – these mails DO NOT originate from the banks, institutions /or individuals they claim to come from! Any e-mail address can be spoofed. It is beyond the control of the institutions.