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Posts Tagged ‘ how is rift population 2017 ’

RIFT: Starfall Prophecy – the FAIL continues – the dire state of Trion World’s MMORPG – broken guilds, content [OPINION]

January 22, 2017

UPDATES: UP TO 25 FEB 2017 Just when you think Trion can’t be any worse? They delay patch 4.1 (you know, the RAID that was touted as an expansion feature) for ANOTHER MONTH. #epicfail UPDATES: UP TO 24 FEB 2017 The writer visits the forums less and less – some things people are complaining...
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RIFT: Starfall Prophecy – worst MMORPG of 2016?

December 17, 2016

It’s hard to believe that in 2013, the writer would have defended this game staunchly against any criticism – even as it moved to F2P with it’s “no tricks, no traps” tag line. That slogan will haunt Trion Worlds until the games eventual demise. This writer is a player who, on his own, recorded...
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