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Revelation Online Closed Beta 3 now in progress! Free CBT3 Keys up for Grabs!

January 19, 2017
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A month or so ago, this writer participated in Closed Beta 2. The game is absolutely beautiful and appears to have great potential. Right off the bat, the writer is biased negatively due to it being an asian-themed MMORPG which he hates, but his brief experience in CB2 changed him from a negative outlook to positive – as can be seen in his livestream. It was the wings, the flying, he thinks. He will now adopt a “wait and see” attitude and his outlook is refreshingly optimistic that this may become a serious alternative¬†to games like Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV.

Closed Beta 3 Announcement Page (Official)

About Revelation Online Link: CLICK HERE

A few concerns: It remains to be seen if my.com, the publisher of the game will have a fair F2P model after some accusations of P2W with some other MMORPG’s, but maybe they’ve learnt and will grow.

This writer is not a fan of Free to Play games as they inevitably seem to fail by being grindy and become cash-shop focused. That said, it’s not impossible that they get it right at launch.

Currently the game is open to access in Closed Beta by purchasing a “Founders Pack” for under US$20 which is a reasonable amount for the benefits you get. Indeed, if you compare the features in the game to other F2P type games, it seems like quite a bargain.

Beta Keys for CBT3 available at Massively Overpowered – CLICK HERE

Follow and support MassivelyOverpowered @MassivelyOP on twitter! 

Also, check out their article on the Spirit Shaper HERE and trailers

The third round of Revelation Online’s closed beta is almost upon us: It opens up tomorrow and runs through February 2nd, complete with a level bump to 69, three new dungeons, three new missions, the new Faerie Funland map, two new events, badges, updates to scour dungeons, and six new PvP modes.

The latest beta 3 trailer is here:

If you’re willing to spend US20 on it, here are the links to signing up to the beta: CLICK HERE

NOTE: that the writer, nor this site is sponsored by Revelation Online, my.com or any of its affiliates and subsidiaries. All opinions are his own – and unpaid for.


It's only fair to share...Share on FacebookShare on Google+Tweet about this on TwitterPin on PinterestShare on Reddit

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