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rabbit hole

Weird stuff, funny stuff, random memes, thngs that are so popular that they’re almost cult-like, interesting things from the internet – pop it in the FUNNY STUFF on the forums and if it’s good, I’ll post it here and credit you for the find!
Funny, Weird, Interesting stuff here: http://wockster.com/forums/forum/general/funny-stuff/

guy makes FULL AUTO crossbow [AWESOME]

This is simply too awesome NOT to go into my rabbit-hole section. This is what happens when JoergSprave makes his dreams come true! Now, to make it bigger, stronger, faster!
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this deal’s getting worse all the time [FUNNY]

Darth Vader renegotiates with Lando. Lando is not entirely happy, however. He soon sees it Vader’s way with a progressively worse deal being presented every time.
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Hi, I’m Poppy – freaky, bizarrely interesting [STRANGE]

Poppy is a very beautiful girl, but creeps the living bejebus out of most people with her, let’s just say, a very, very different channel. See for yourself with this sample.
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