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So, I don’t really have a place for this stuff and I don’t want to hide it in another category. News about the channel, sometimes BLOGS, videos, ideas that may have or may not have worked. Archive, General, News, etc.

SNIPPET: Crow on my roof – eating a dove

We have reflective glass on the top floor of our house. Every now and then, a dove flies into the glass. A crow saw this dead one as an easy meal. I put a warning in as some people get upset when watching nature be nature.    
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SNIPPETS: A day visit to ADDO ELEPHANT PARK, South Africa 24 SEP 2017

So, this Saturday 24 September 2017, a very noobish cameraman took Panasonic DMC-FZ2500-GA camera to record his first 4k video (downsampled to 1080p) – learnt a lot and next videos will be better (hopefully) – We were very, very lucky and captured a wide variety of wildlife. Editing took almost a day as I...
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#IRL – my cats come when I whistle

My cats have all learnt my specific whistle / tune and come when I call them. My girlfriend has to call them. If I whistle, it pretty much doesn’t matter where they are, they’ll be inside within about 10 minutes usually.
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a visit to the shooting range – shotgun & .38 special – 18 Mar 2017

Went to fire my shotgun before I sell it as well as practice .38 special shooting.
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