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Craven Coetzee ITC Manager & Consultant (the IT guy), Entrepreneur, Blogger

Web Site: http://www.wockster.com

how to stop windows 10 locking up solid (usually after an update)

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FaceRig – all the avatars in a list (well, a video)

So, I bought this off Steam on special for about US$5 and I must say, even at US$10 and US$15 it would be worth it. It allows you – in real-time – to use an avatar to a “Virtual Webcam” so you can actually use this to stream video content with, or use as...
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TECH: How to restore from OneDrive – Time Machine Feature

In April, Microsoft added very enhanced anti-malware and recovery from Crypto attack features that permits you to restore your entire OneDrive up to 30 days in the past.
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the waiting game – 12 June 2018

now that taxes have all been submitted, a bit of a reflection on the process, what I’ve been doing since the January 15th, 2018, well, technically 28 Feb 2018.
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