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All this about emigration. Why?

On the 12th of May 2015, this happened:

About two years prior to this video of 12 May 2016, my girlfriend’s mom was strangled in
broad daylight in her home. Fortunately, she only passed out and “played dead” while
the attackers had brunch, then casually left thinking they had left her dead in the passageway.

I have personally been involved in many violent incidents in my life. It’s just too much.

Yes, I have a maid, a gardener, a successful business, but is living in constant fear worth it?

These thugs target the elderly. I don’t want to grow old here- in fact, I doubt I will live to a ripe
old age and will probably become one of many statistics if I stay.

So, I would give it all up, start with mostly nothing and start over somewhere.

#IRL In real life, I am an ex Database programmer (all the way back to Pascal, GWBasic, Microsoft C and SCO Unix V), an
ICT consultant, forensic investigator, network technician, consultant and business owner/manager of 25+ years.

I specialize in Microsoft and cloud technologies and have managed/owned/marketed my current
a company since 1997.


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